• This repair order is an important documents and must be preserved carefully Loss of the same should be promptly Intimated to BIKE DOCTOR.
  • The customer confirms that he has not left any valuable / documents in the vehicle at the time of repairs. The custom agrees that he will not make any claim on BIKE DOCTOR on this account at a later date
  • The vehicle is driven & tested (including test drive outside) repaired at the sole risk, responsibility and liability of the customer.
  • The customer indemnify, BIKE DOCTOR against any risk, Liability Responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle and or life Property of all person arising Out of repairing/ servicing/test driving of the vehicle when the vehicle in BIKE DOCTOR Custody and the customer confirms to have obtained insurance of The vehicle together with accessories and other components or articles and things therein and BIKE DOCTOR shall not be liable for any loss, damage or Injury whatsoever
  • The charge for labor as well as spares used for non-warranty repair shall be as per the applicable price lists approved and Recommended by BIKE DOCTOR. Spare parts, oil, consumables, and accessories work will be done after approval of customer
  • The customer will not hold BIKE DOCTOR responsible / liable for any delay in delivery or in carrying out of repairs or Procurement of spare parts for reasons Beyond BIKE DOCTOR control
  • Rs.200/hr waiting charges is applicable in case of non-availability of customer & two-wheeler.
  • Special models or modified models or old models not in our categories & other special works rate will be finalized upon inspection & work will be done after Approval of customer on repair order.
  • The customer undertakes to make payment of all charges before taking delivery of the vehicle. Terms of payment are cash only. In the event settlement of the bill is delayed beyond a period 7 days, BIKE DOCTOR may levy /charge Interest 18% p.a on the outstanding bill amount from the date on which. The vehicle was ready for delivery until payment.
  • BIKE DOCTOR may exercise lien on the vehicle until all the above-mentioned dues are settled to BIKE DOCTOR satisfaction.
  • BIKE DOCTOR may affect, delivery of the vehicle to the person whose signature/identity appears on the repair order form.
  • The customer undertakes to pay for all repair work prior to taking delivery of the vehicle: subsequent reimbursements from insurance company may be made. By them directly to the customer
  • Salvage of any vehicle must be lifted by the customer along with the delivery of the vehicle. Salvage not claimed at the time of delivery will be disposed off by BIKE DOCTOR as scrap
  • Practically it may not be possible to notice and record all dents. Scratches and damages on the vehicle at the time of accepting the vehicle and if some are Noticed during repairs /servicing, the remark of the workshop in charge will be final and legally binding on the customer
  • All disputes and differences arising from this repair order shall be settled by mutual discussions and in case mutually accepted settlement is not arrived. Any. Such shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of court in Mumbai only
  • Incase of non-washing from Bike doctor Rs.50/- will be deducted from service charges
  • Delivery to the Customer will not be given on credit.
  • The service & offer is subject to force majeure clause.
  • Bike doctor management has authority to cancel appointment in case of any circumstances
  • In case of accidental repairs & engine repairs BIKE DOCTOR advice you to take the vehicle to workshop for better results.
  • In case of excess amount paid by customer refund payment will be transferred directly to customer A/c in 7 working Days after getting complete Documentation & accounts confirmation
  • The mentioned rate chart is only labor charges inclusive all taxes, BIKE DOCTOR has authority to change the rates anytime.
  • One-month warranty for spare parts replacement
  • Physically damage, tempered, modified parts will be considered out of warranty.
  • The service center shall take utmost care while handling the units given for repair / service; however in the event of any cosmetic issues service center shall Not be responsible for the same
  • Service premises and water arrangement is responsibility of customer; any complaints regarding the same will be solved by customer at the time of doorstep service
  • The warranty given by manufacture for customer himself will handle bike, BIKE DOCTOR is not responsible regarding the same.
  • In case of pick up any vehicle to service station additional charges will be implemented.
  • The defective parts replaced while undertaking the repairs of the product under warranty will not be returned to the customer.
By accepting the repair order, it is deemed that the customer agrees to all the terms and conditions in the repair order.
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